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Slade Graduate Painting at thewindshow@CPT


Coming up at thewindshow will be our first collaboration with Graduate Painting at the Slade School of Art, UCL. From November 2 – 12, four Slade graduate painters will respond to the theme of ‘Colour’ for thewindshow exhibition space at Camden People’s Theatre. From November 12 – 19, another 4 Slade graduate painters will present artwork under the theme of ‘Drawing’. Then, from November 20 to December 2, thewindshow is delighted to highlight the Slade Print Fair with a display of prints from the Slade.

The Slade Print Fair is a pioneering initiative to celebrate print and printmaking to raise scholarship funds for Slade students. The Print Fair features prints for salde donated by Slade staff, students and alumni, and an edition of prints created specially for the Fair by Phyllida Barlow, Professor Emerita at the Slade. Invited artists have also generously donated prints, which are for available for sale in an on-line auction.

The Slade graduate painters participating in ‘Colour’ at thewindshow are Jennifer Campbell, Sarah Cameron, Lyndsey Gilmour and Aimee Sawicki

The Slade graduate painters participating in ‘Drawing’ are: Malgorzata Bany, Emily Hawes, Mathew Morris and Noga Schatz.

The Slade Print Fair runs from Nov 28 – Nove 30 at the Slade Research Centre. Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AE.

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