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Proscenium by Jonathan Kipps

We are delighted to open our new solo exhibition Proscenium by Jonathan Kipps in the windows of Camden People’s Theatre. We hope to see you at the private view on the 16th April from 6:30 – 9pm, which will include a special performance in collaboration with Stuart Bowditch at 7:30pm


The windows at Camden Peoples Theatre (CPT) are an in-between space. Somewhere between interior and exterior they act as a gallery, albeit one the audience cannot physically enter. They are permanently visible to the world yet remain contained and separate from the hundreds of people passing each day. Directly behind each window is the performance space itself, a darkened room where people come to experience things.

The new work Kipps has installed in the windows draws attention to this notion of middle ground. He uses objects and wall based works to link the internal space of the theatre, the private (making) space of his studio and the CPT windows as a space for viewing visual art.

In two windows Kipps has hung large black and white prints to create a backdrop for a set of sculptural objects. One print shows the stage area inside CPT and in the other print Kipps presents an image of his empty studio. Block colour has been painted inside the remaining windows, which from a distance appear empty yet actually contain small objects.

“I became increasingly interested in the different speeds at which people could encounter the work: walking past, waiting at the traffic lights, whilst having a cigarette in an interval of a performance, from a bus etc. I want the work in the windows to operate on different levels at different distances. Some pieces require a much slower and more intimate viewing experience than passers by might initially give”

The title of the exhibition Proscenium (meaning: the part of the theatre in front of the curtain) is intended to shift focus onto the space of the theatre itself, bringing ideas relating to production and periphery into the limelight.

Originally from Southend-on-Sea, Jonathan Kipps is a Visual Artist currently based in London. Recent exhibitions include In The Making, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, Duet, UCL Art Museum, London, The Village Green Biennial, China Shop Gallery Oxford and Overgrenzen, Loods 6, Amsterdam. Kipps also co-curates UNhyphen events (artists and musicians collaborating in unusual spaces with Stuart Bowditch ( and is currently studying MFA Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art.