Camden People Theatre's windows

Camden People Theatre’s


The Windshow at CPT is Camden People’s Theatre new emerging art space. CPT has converted its four large, street-facing windows into a visually stimulating exhibition space. The Windshow is curated by CPT’s Aglaé Bassens and Freya Elliott.

Located in Euston, overlooking the main road linking north London to the West End, this is a great space for eye-catching new work to be seen by a wide variety of people – from passers-by to visitors, from the business community to Drummond Street diners, from the many students who work nearby to commuters at Euston and Kings Cross.

With their shallow depth and spatial quirkiness, the four windows are an unusual space to show work, and present a challenge to artists in terms of installation and access. Our aim is to encourage artists to respond in a resourceful and innovative way to this opportunity, stepping out of their comfort zone to create unique, site-specific art that engages directly with the public.

Exhibitions at The Windshow at CPT typically run for a month. CPT also has a fully equipped bar that can host private-view drinks.

Submissions and group proposals are accepted across all media.


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